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Becoming a member of the Suffolk Liberal Jewish Community means you will receive benefits that will inspire, educate and improve your Jewish experience.  




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Burial rites

As a member of SLJC you will receive information on all aspects of end of life care, death and mourning. Please click here to read a guide on death and mourning.

Our community has a care team who will engage with you on on your needs after a loved one has died, for instance: Tevilah and Shemirah if they are of your custom, guidance in regards to funeral planning and Rabbi's or lay people who will conduct the funeral service. The care team will also ensure that the community is made aware of your shiva visiting times. Our community will mark the Yahrzeit as part of your membership as well as requesting a candle and a minyan for your final mourners kaddish if you would like to make it meaningful. 

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Suffolk Liberal Jewish Community works with other faiths in the Ipswich area to utilise spaces in their buildings. 

Our services begin at 11am on the last Shabbat of the month with the exception of festivals.

Our services are excitingly led by Rabbi's, guest speakers and lay people bringing a mix of themes and melodies from the Sephardic, Yemenite, Ashkenazi, Mizrachi and other communities . The community uses Lev Chadash Siddur in concordance with Liberal Judaism.

Shabbat services are embellished by a shared vegetarian meal and some learning over a tea or coffee. Interesting topics in the past have been 'Women and Tzitzit' and 'how to love the convert'.



On the membership form to join our community, you will have the opportunity to tell us about loved ones who have passed away. Our care team will enter this into our memorial diary which will mean you will receive email reminders of the Yahrzeit date according to both the Gregorian and the Hebrew calendar. Their name will also be mentioned before the mourners kaddish in the Shabbat service closest to the Hebrew date of their passing.

You will also have the option to opt in to receiving a candle in advance.



As a member of our community you will receive our exclusive newsletter.

In SLJC today you will receive 'a word from our chair', transparent notes from committee meetings, articles about people in our community, educational articles about the Parsha or festival and more.

Community members are encouraged to contribute to the newsletter making it about our community and the talent we are blessed to see.


Our community is inclusive of people from all walks of life and welcome diversity from all who choose to join us, whether in prayer, song or a meal.

'Let all who are hungry, come and eat'

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